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Borealis Exploration Limited is a technology development company that is re-inventing the century-old core technologies used by basic industries. Our efforts are currently focused on several key technologies. Further information on each can be found at their individual Websites:

  • The Chorus Motor is an AC induction electric motor/drive offering dramatic improvements in torque, size, weight, and reliability. A multiphase Chorus Meshcon motor can produce five times the startup torque of a same-sized three-phase conventional motor. It is ideal for low-speed overload such as those with start-stop and traction requirements, providing high torque at low speeds without compromising high-speed operation and performance. Initial applications - such as the WheelTug® powered nosewheel - are for aerospace (where power, size, and weight are all critical considerations), and for starter-generators. Chorus is also ideal for powering industrial machinery, cars, trucks, ships, and trains.

  • Cool Chips™ are revolutionary devices that use quantum electron thermotunnelling to produce cooling, refrigeration, or air-conditioning more efficiently than any existing thermal management technology. They are solid-state, small, lightweight, scalable, versatile, and reliable. Applications include cooling electronics, refrigerators and freezers, medical and industrial equipment, buildings, cargo, aircraft, and cars.

  • Power Chips™ are devices similar to Cool Chips that use the same physical process to convert heat into electricity, more efficiently than any existing technology. They can operate nearly anywhere there is a source of heat -- making them capable of replacing many of the existing technologies for generating electricity. They can produce power for laptop computers, buildings, and cars and trucks.

  • Recent advances in our work with Avto Metals™ have brought Cool and Power Chips development closer to completion, and have significantly impacted our work on Photon Chips™ (photoelectric devices designed to efficiently convert solar energy into electricity).

  • In addition to these technological advances, Roche Bay plc, a Borealis subsidiary, controls the Roche Bay Magnetite Deposits. Roche Bay holds one of the largest known undeveloped deposits of iron ore. Located in northern Canada, they contain 4.3 billion tonnes of magnetite ore and 1.6 billion tonnes of hematite ore, as well as significant quantities of other minerals.

  • NEWS:

    September 27, 2019 - Borealis Exploration sells Share Assets to Borealis Holdings

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